Here Are Some Good Reason To Have The Dryer Vent Cleaning Done At Your Place.

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Homeowners must attend to many routine tasks around the house, but often forget to remove the accumulated material that builds up in dryer vents. The bits of cloth, dust and dirt that stick to the inside of the vent can become a fire hazard and reduce the efficiency of your appliance.

Dryer Vent Dangers

Over 15,000 dryer vent fires occur per year in the United States from accumulated debris left in the vent from normal drying action. Some of the lint that escape into the vent may still be moist. It sticks to the inside surface of the vent and then dries creating a hazard when touch hot surfaces and ignite. A clogged dryer vent also affects the efficiency of the dryer, causing increased running of the appliance and higher energy costs.

Cleaning Dryer Vents

The National Fire Protection Association recommends cleaning the lint from your dryer on an annual basis. You should clean on a more frequent basis if you find your dryer performance has dropped a noticeable amount. You should also remove debris from the lint screen each time you use your dryer. Keep the outdoor vent free from obstructions from foliage and dropped leaves.

Proper Equipment

To do a proper job of removing the lint and debris that builds up in dryer vents, you must have the right kind of equipment. Home improvement stores and hardware stores often sell dryer vent cleaning kits that contain metal brushes designed to remove lint from the inner surface of the vent. Some brushes attach to power tools to provide an auger-type action. However, not all of these tools may work well on your dryer vent set-up.

Inside Vents

The dryer vent should be cleaned from the inside of the house from the wall opening and as far into the vent as you can reach. Depending on the length of your dryer vent, you may not be able to reach deeply enough into the vent to remove all debris. Contact and dryer vent cleaning service to ensure that the lint has been removed from the entire length of the vent system.

Roof Top Vents

Cleaning the exterior vent opening requires getting on a ladder. Homeowners may prefer to hire dryer vent cleaning contractor to have the lint removed completely and professionally.

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