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Benefits With A Clean Dryer Vent

Saves You A Lot of Time

When your dryer vent line are clogged with lint, debris, or any other clothing materials, this ends up with longer time spent in getting your clothing to dry due to multiple drying cycles. When you get a cleaning service such as Dryer Vent Cleaning Raleigh to clear up the clogs, this will results in a much efficient dryer and your clothes then end up dry in just one cycle.

Increases The Life of Your Clothing

When the vents of your dryer are clogged, this creates more dryer heat. When this happens, your clothes will get more heat than they should be getting and ends up being damaged. The reason behind this is that the fibers of fabric tend to break apart due to more heat than is recommended during the regular drying process.

Extend the life of your dryer

The usual culprit that results in a shorter dryer lifespan is the accumulated lint, debris, or any other clothing materials left in the vents of the dryer. When you maintain the cleanliness of the vents of your dryer properly, this helps your machine work at maximum performance at all times and all together, helps in extending the life of your dryer. In the long run, this will help you in saving money by not having to get your dryer replaced quite so often.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

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Helps You Save Energy

When the vent line of your dryer is clogged, the running time will have a tendency to increase. This results in excess energy expenditures. The build-up of line or other vent line blockages will cause inefficient dryer operation and restrictions in vent lines. This also might cause your dryer to go to a dead stop for no apparent reason. To maximize energy and efficiency annual vent cleaning is highly recommended. You’ll end up saving money since you won’t have to pay for all the extra run time costs month after month.

Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When you have an older dryer that’s running on gas and not properly maintained, poisoning by carbon monoxide becomes a high risk. This kind of gas is odorless, color-less and toxic. It’d very hard to detect through taste. It can cause flu-like symptoms. When lint, debris, or any other clothing materials clogs your dryer vents, this makes it hard to exhaust dryer fumes properly. This will result to fumes getting into your home and create a real risk of getting poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Fire Safety

Each year, more and more fires recorded than ever that’s caused by dryers. Because of this, it’s a must to get your dryer vents cleaned annually. The most usual ignition source of fires is the dryer lint. In addition to that, a lot of fires from appliances are all related to dryers. Dryers that runs electric or gas are all equal as fire hazards.

Benefits with Cleaned Dryer Vent

Residential Dryer Vent Service

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Commercial Dryer Vent Service

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