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Dryer Vent Line Sanitizing

There’s much to cleaning a dryer vent than just removing lint build-ups and debris. Just like any other place in your home, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can find their way into the dryer vents and spread all over it. This is true when some cases of animals are able to nest in the vent system.

Bird and rodent nests are often found in dryer vents during the cleaning process, and in addition to being fire hazards, restricting airflow, and collecting other kinds of debris, they can contain harmful bacteria. Droppings found in nests or left behind can also contain the Histoplasmosis Fungi and the Hantavirus.

We have all the knowledge needed to safely remove from lint, to any kind of debris, and all kinds of animal nests while also everything unseen hazards left behind.

All source of potentially harmful bacteria that can be found, our professionals will administer our dryer vent line sanitization. To keep your vent system clean and free off all kinds of fungi, bacteria, and viruses in the future, we’ll also install pest-proof vent covers at all termination points in the line.

Dryer Vent Line Sanitizing

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