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A veteran-owned business specializing 100% in dryer vent cleaning & repair. We use industry leading equipment and techniques, specifically designed to improve your dryers performance and help prevent dangerous dryer fires. 


Dryer Vent Measurements

Measurements is a prerequisite and are taken during the diagnostic inspection performed by our professionals to assess the airflow and static or back pressure in your dryer vent system.

We are equipped with the specialized equipment to measure the airflow and back pressure in your dryer vent system, allowing us to provide you the most effective service to make your dryer safer and more efficient based on our findings.

Dryer Vent Clogged by Lint Build Up

Restricted Airflow

What typically when there’s an airflow restriction is there’s lint build-up. Unfortunately, lint is pretty flammable. When combined with a nonstop rush of hot air and a dryer vent that’s not working efficiently is that the dryer lint can catch fire and it can cause devastating damage to your home.

High Static or Back Pressure

High static or back pressure in the dryer vent can reduce the amount of air allowed to escape from the dryer during a drying cycle

This is why when your clothes start coming out wet or that warning light comes on in your dryer, you need to investigate or have a professional take a look at it.

Modern dryers also come equipped with a thermal fuse near the exhaust hose. This will trip and alert you if the dryer gets too hot in order to prevent a fire. However, once that happens, you will need to replace it and that can be a bigger pain than simply making sure a dryer vent is clear.

Need Laundry Vent Cleaning Service Sooner?

Call us directly to see if same-day service is available in your area!

Residential Dryer Vent Service

The core of our business goes into providing local homeowners with fast and affordable residential dryer vent services

Commercial Dryer Vent Service

We are fully equipped to provide businesses with ongoing commercial grade dryer vent cleaning, repairs and maintenance

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