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It is said that dirty dryer vents cause lint built up and can start a possible house fire – it’s our duty to prevent possible hazards like this. All dryer vents have different needs, some may require frequent cleaning. Regular Dryer Vent Inspection can recognize any fire, safety or health hazards that can risk your home serious damage. Considering the obstructions, improper vent installation or the use of non-code compliant materials. 

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Types of Dryer Ducts

Professional 's Advice

Professionals prohibit using flexible ducts because if the lint develops it can increase a bigger fire since it is made out of plastic. It has the same risk with any plastic. Some want to have a semi-rigid duct since it can bend around small obstructions, but can trap lint on slow air flow. It is highly suggested to use rigid ducting because it can’t block air flow or snag lint. Remember to add angled joints to go around its sides.


There are three main types of dryer ducts:

  • Rigid – Made of Galvanized Steel
  • Semi-rigid – Made of Aluminum
  • Flexible – Made of Plastic

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