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Dryer Vent Installation Raleigh North Carolina

Proper Installation of dryer vents can help you prevent serious damage. It supports your appliance to operate effectively. Dryer vent removes moist air from the house that may mix  hazardous gasses such as carbon monoxide, a byproduct of combustion that may cause house fire. Without any exception, call a dryer vent professional to help you.

Deciding the path of the ventilation duct may be crucial for some homeowners. Our technician can help you determine the best route for your house. Shorter route has always been the best path. But if the dryer is operating in the basement, then the hose needs to make at least one turn. We can help you set up a vent hose through a window or through your attic space.

Dryer Vent Installation
Decrease of Air Flow

Reasons for the
Decrease Air Flow

  1. White Flexible Hose – white vinyl slinky-style flexible hose, is a fire hazard because it is made up of plastic. Its spiral ribs restrict the air flow and can result in overheating that can ignite the lint in the vent or inside the dryer. Once a possible fire starts the house burns and can spread the fire rapidly.
  2. Clogged Vent Caps – Birds or rodents can block the dryer vent.
  3. Lint Buildup – often holds the best reason for the decrease of the airflow. Back of the dryer can get hot enough to ignite lint, and the motor or electrical connection

Dryers should be vented outdoors to avoid indoor air quality problems.The moisture and lint from any dryer is not safe. It can cause health problems, and venting a gas dryer indoors violates codes

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Tools and Supplies Professional Use

Tools for Dryer Vent

Dangers of a Clogged Dryer Vent

Residential Dryer Vent Service

The core of our business goes into providing local homeowners with fast and affordable residential dryer vent services

Commercial Dryer Vent Service

We are fully equipped to provide businesses with ongoing commercial grade dryer vent cleaning, repairs and maintenance

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